Your bike school in Sölden

With a license to ride a bike

No hills without skills! As in other situations in life, mountain biking depends on the right technique. We swear by it. Professionalism and safety are therefore top priorities at RIDE ON. We rely on the constant further development of our guides and are in frequent contact with like-minded people to keep the riding technique up to date and to adapt it to the latest material. Standing still is not an option for us. We always want to stay in the flow on the trails too. Obviously not alone, but with you. We show you the most important tips, tricks and how to act correctly in case of a crash. After all, better safe than sorry! Once the technique is in place, we'll throw ourselves down the best lines together, down forest paths with lots of roots, and speed down wild trails.

Downhiller riding turns in the Bike Republic Sölden

Riding skill philosophy

Mountainbike skills are very similar to winter sports. The material and also the skiing skills have advanced through the years. We have been able to observe the same development at mountainbiking.

The material of the bike did change a lot within the last years. Also for years, we are tempting to adapt the riding skills to the new material. This is why we are in constant contact with other bike schools and skill coaches to keep up to date the riding skills as perfect as possible. It is the same in winter sports as with summer sports – everyone is riding for a long time and is always trying to improve their own skills. We are here to show you in an easy and smooth way, how this is working. In summer time our bikeschool aims to give you a spectacular mountain experience, thereby having fun with the equipment and at the same time, showing you tricks and tips regarding your riding skills.

In this sector we are offering to you all classes, to make you more agile for the terrain. As you can see in our riding skill pyramid, you will need all basic techniques for all the terrains, to get down relaxed, easy going and flowy with your bike. Starting from the basic techniques, there are additional techniques that guide you to the jumps. On top of the pyramid, you can find the royal discipline, which is based on all of the techniques below. Depending on the terrain, they can be varied in various difficulties. Every technique requires its flow; adapted to the body-own movement possibilities. To arrive and persist in the royal discipline, the goal in mind and many hours of training are required. For each rider and every area of application, there is the right individual riding technique.

We want to give you this passion on riding having joy and fun.