Ötztaler Radmarathon KIDS CAMP
Ötztaler Radmarathon KIDS CAMP

Kids Camp ÖRM 2022

Cared kids biking for 3 – 14 years during the 'Ötztaler Radmarathon'

27th till 28th August 2022

While the adults are warming up in the Ötztal for the 'Ötztaler Radmarathon' (ÖRM), we will be rocking the Bike Republic Sölden. Splitted into 3 groups referring to the age between 3 – 14 years, we are offering KIDS CAMPS from Saturday, 27th of August – Sunday, 28th of August. In these camps we will be improving our riding technique, so we can ride easily and safely in the Bike Republic. Additionally, we enjoy every movement and on Saturday, we participate in our pumptrack competition at Pumptrack SUNNY. Off course, on Sunday, we welcome the first competitors while finishing in Sölden.

Every child receives an ÖRM starter kit and two lunches at the Radmarathon Pasta Party. The most important issue at our cares kids biking is safety, as well as fun and movement. Every child is very welcome in our chilled environment and we are looking forward to see a lot of participants. We are only happy, when each and every child has a smile on their face!

Saturday 27th till Sunday 28th of August
Meeting point Saturday 09:00 h KIDS BASE

Sunday 09:30 h KIDS BASE till 16:00 h

Final Sunday 16:00

Starter kit from the ÖRM
Participation at the Pumptrack Race on Saturday 16 – 18 h

Lunch in the Freizeit Arena

Mountainbike mountainbike (6–14 years MTB fully)
Safety equipment (helmet, gloves, knee- and elbow pads)

EUR 162,00

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Minimum number of participants: 3 persons. Maximum 6 people in the group course (except for day trips, max. 8 persons).
Courses take place under all weather conditions.

For organizational reasons, we can only consider applications until 8 PM the day before at the latest. From 3 persons onwards we can also offer individual courses outside the course program.

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